On Demand

The Fiorella Myklebust Oslo - Home Line is exclusively available on Demand.

I want to continue developing my brand, offering products to my customers that I have dreamed about owning myself. Our Fiorella Myklebust Oslo - Home Line is another little step in that direction. We are using our knowledge, rooted in our Peruvian heritage to continue the tradition of mastering the wonderful sustainable alpaca fiber.

What does that mean?
  • We are committed NO overproduction.
  • We are giving you a pre-order price as a token of gratitude for your patience - this is not fast fashion - patience is a virtue.
  • We are cutting leads to sell directly to customers at honest prices.
The first pieces available for pre-orders in our web shop are: Blanket «Love Nest» and Pillowcases «Arrow» & «Honeycomb». 
Choose between 6 different colours.