Behind the company

 “We’ve built a unique concept that forms a bridge between Peruvian designers/brands and customers in Norway." 
We aim to promote and delight our clients and customers with a new philosophy about Peruvian design and products.

Our main goal is to introduce to the Norwegian and Scandinavian market a rich selection of Peruvian brands that our clients and end-customers will be wholeheartedly satisfied with. We have carefully selected well-known professional and conscientious designers of Peruvian brands, that produce entirely in Peru. All products are crafted at their origin by local artisan’s expertise.  Our common interest of doing business is based on the 10 principles of UN Global Compact. These principles deal with social responsibilities such as health and safety, fair salary, anti-corruption, freedom of association, environmental responsibility and the abolition of child labour.

The founder

 "I found out that I wanted to give something back to Peru and that’s why I founded my beloved agency. I wanted to sell a product with a history back, a history that I could tell you all about.

I’m the proud owner of a great business model who’s directly helping families to be feed with every single purchase of my clients in Norway."

- Fiorella Myklebust