Fiorella- The founder


I'm Fiorella, founder of Fiorella Myklebust Agency. In 2001, I married my soccer player soulmate and moved to Norway and together we have two wonderful teenage boys. I have been based in Oslo, the Scandinavian design capital for over 20 years.

In 2011, following the endless compliments I would receive on return from Lima with my gorgeous locally crafted treasures and my belief in purpose driven entrepreneurship I established Fiorella Myklebust Agency.  The last few years have seen Fiorella Myklebust Agency slowly develop from a dream to a reality that we are very proud of. The agency is on a mission to create more opportunities for female owned small businesses based in Peru.

We signed a partnership with Miinto, the biggest e-commerce company in Scandinavia back in 2017 and were selected to appear in the exclusive Valkyrien Department Store in Oslo with a pop-up boutique collective «Girl Crush» during 2020. 

To put it simply, I am madly in love with quality and design. It has always been a long term dream to combine locally sourced natural fibers (alpaca & pima cotton) from Peru with Scandinavian aesthetics. Finally this milestone was reached in 2021 as we officially launched our own brand. The Fiorella Myklebust brand is a Oslo based brand aiming to offer limited edition collections designed in Norway and entirely produced in Peru. My hope is that everytime you wear a Fiorella Myklebust piece item you will delight in the knowledge that as well as enjoying our luxury products you are also helping to build a strong brand with an identity and values you’re standing for and sharing with us dearly.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!